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Tels to say over 1 night on top of the cost of getting in means a week in spain will be cheaper v1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349745658029-2727655e-1468-47f3-ae3d-966893ee1246 richard  •  1 minute 2 seconds ago i'm very surprised that they're not building it in london,could it be that london has finally run out of room for yet another big project that could have been more beneficial to the midlands or the north? There again,kent isn't that far from london,but a hell of a long way,and a lot of expense for anyone north of luton. cheap cialis online The north and south divide gets larger every day. pink pill viagra for women V1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349745439042-eef5a6cc-858a-45a7-9fb5-7c230f4d280d anonymous  •  4 minutes 41 seconds ago kent is a chav country i bet the theme park will turn the area into another blackpool. cheapest viagra online V1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349736140219-700b17c5-561c-491b-bf19-5b21bc83e0c2 chris  •  2 hours 39 minutes ago hopefully it'll mean this country will finally have a themepark as good as the likes of universal studios or disneyland over in america. take viagra super active I went to thorpe park a couple of years ago and if disney is comparable to the dorchester hotel in london then thorpe park is the travelodge on the a34. genuine cialis V1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349742741246-9fe1e532-f960-4509-be44-f151343cb462 donny. cialis online M  •  49 minutes ago yet more #$%$ invested down south.. What a load of #$%$,i hope it goes #$%$ up v1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349745465849-e81586a6-993d-42c3-bd5b-3c24625fabec mark 1  •  4 minutes 15 seconds ago how much will this cost the tax paying public v1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349739525506-f8a580fb-29d9-4f53-ac45-859a1d40d932 carole  •  1 hour 43 minutes ago i'm just glad i moved from there to devon, phew ,lol v1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349737017451-b6e56c3c-a769-43ab-9a49-1d27f6da4954 ukandme  •  2 hours 25 minutes ago good news for kent v1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349728833265-9d7369d8-3639-490c-9950-ec0324d4eaa1 know-it-all , know nuffin...  •  4 hours ago im not sure it will top margate for a day out though.... V1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349728877094-b280dd36-b8b0-4342-a8d5-fd5b56014cad know-it-all , know nuffin...  •  4 hours ago will it be better than a days shopping in chatham? I think not..... V1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-e784ac90dd21/comment/1349738308556-410af415-42d5-49c2-903a-32cd7207d3f0 simon  •  2 hours 3 minutes ago will never happen along with most projects like this.... cialis 20 mg Will be some tree huggers out in force to protect a duck or oak v1/comments/context/e8df8a3f-dfea-32f3-bdaa-. buycialisonlinefastestshipping.com cialis for sale Email: hgogen@tellortodonti.com